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It was two years ago that my partner Sky passed away. As you can imagine there were so many questions and hardly any answers. Sky and I had always had a telepathic bond, but although even in death he and I could connect, there was still so much I could not hear and did not understand. I was beside myself with grief and disbelief, and could not stop asking why. There was still a small part of me that knew there was a reason. The day of Sky’s wake, we held a luncheon for all of his friends and family. Sam came to the luncheon too, and he and I found the highest room in the four story house empty, and we sat in there to talk to Sky. We set up a circle of stones, many of them belongings of, or gifts from Sky, and we held hands and began to ask for Sky’s presence. In our session, we made contact with Sky, and Sky reminded me how much he loved me. He explained that there was spiritual work that he needed to leave this Earth to go do. And because of my state of mind at the time,alot of specific things are eluding my thoughts today. Sam may recall more. But what was really significant for me, was that for the rest of that day, and in other times of clarity, I knew there was a purpose, I knew Sky loved me (how could I ever forget that?), and it gave me the strength to support others in their grief. Being Sky’s partner alot of people turned to me for comfort. I had it for them, and for myself thanks to Sam, and some store of inner resilience that I could swear came from beyond death. Sam has been a force in my life that I am ever grateful for, his help has impacted me in ways I will never forget.