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When my brother went missing almost 7 years ago, Sam contacted me to share some things that he had seen. I hadn’t spoken to Sam in many, many years so I thought it was odd that he was contacting me. Never the less, I call him and we chatted. He knew many things that I had not told him. I went to the detectives that were in charge of my brother’s case. I shared with them the information that Sam had given me. Sam had given me a description of a man that he said was somehow involved with my brother’s disappearance. When the detectives showed me a photo of a man that my brother had been living with, I got chills because it was the exact man that Sam had described to me. This is the man that the detectives feel knows what happened and where my brother is. Sam even took a trip to see the detectives and he is still in contact with them. My brother has not been found, but Sam has given valuable insight into his whereabouts and I am hopeful that when the legal system finally catches up, my brother will be found thanks to Sam.