Writing the next chapter: Earth, Fully Realized.

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A friend/mentor/amazing teacher, had written on her wall on Facebook that she was taking her family to Peru to engage in the Mayan energies of 2012.  She wrote a small bit I'd like to share with you all:

"I leave for Peru on Tuesday. I am eager to engage in the Mayan energies of 2012. To me these are the greatest years in human existence. They play a tremendous part in why I incarnated in this lifetime expression. These energies are for the Pathfinders; the shamans, the healers of the 21st century. They have never existed before for humans. We are hovering at an apex and moving into uncharted territories. As of Dec.21,2012 the Mayan, Tibetan, Hopi, and Lakota prophecies STOP, there are no more prophesies. Our ancestors have built monuments, temples, and pyramids that reflect the significance of this time trying to emphasize to us, the descendants, to not take this time lightly. It is monumental. Astrologically, the stars have been studied and read to forecast this event and religious documents from a variety of sources have referenced this time and its significance. I am going to Peru to work with the descendants. To be actively involved in the creation of the New Earth I feel is being birthed. I ask for your support, your love and your attention to this time."-Jan Engeles-Smith

I share this in hope that more will stop for a moment and truly think about the times we are in.  I have stated this sentiment before that all of the old prophecies STOP here and now.  No more systems of belief, no more construct.........simply they all end.  As I watch the world in chaos I wonder if these endings are having a effect on the state of affairs in the world?

I have been in this space for years now wondering when someone will WRITE the next chapter of this existence.  IF they all stopped, maybe it means it's OUR TIME to write the next paradigm?  Maybe WE ARE the modern prophets, modern medicine men, modern shamans, the new teachers, the masters.  


I dare now ask the question, "What is your next chapter?  What is your next understanding and what is it based upon?"  Remember, EVERYTHING WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT ENDS............

WOW, I guess that means we get creative and paint our own pictures, write our own stories, build our own temples and mego-lithic structures and move society forward the way we choose  but I guess I am getting ahead of my self here a bit too.  Just what is it we are fighting for?  What is it we are wanting?  Maybe if we write the chapter and just all let go realizing there are 7 billion people all trying to live.  All alive in this time for a reason, a purpose, a understanding of writing the next chapter.

There is no more PURE anything, meaning pure race, pure breed of animal, etc. everything has evolved or been bred in a way that we are now a mix blend of everything ever on this planet! It's time to stop the religion, stop the belief structures, stop everything we know and learn how to BE in THIS MOMENT OF NOW away from the old stories from the past.  Not only what we have been taught, but what we have come to believe about ourselves.  The time is now.  The time for the healers, the dreamers, the weavers, the chosen ones to come forward and write the next chapter as a whole, ONE, united as a human race.

This reminds me of the words of so many philosophers, song writers, of our days and well before.  I will not go into the lyrics from "Imagine" for we all know them.  I will not quote Socrates or Aristotle or leave passages from the bible or Quran here.  Instead, I will leave you with these words by a modern day philosopher/shaman/prophet-me-"7 billion people on this planet and when will we ALL learn to dance while we are in this same room?"

Maybe a little neighborly love and some compassion, a pinch of trust and understanding WE CAN DO THIS!  Be the weavers of the next dream catcher for the world, be the chosen one's, the dreamers, the dream!

Now GO, write your next chapter, I know I am;-)