Oktoberfest in Munich and the dream that changed my life.

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Oktoberfest in Munich and the dream that changed my life.
Oktoberfest 2004 in Munich was anything but boring.  It was 9 years ago......to the day I had the most life changing dream one could have.  A dream where I could never look back and only step forward with whom I am and what I believe.

I was halfway around the world with a friend traveling for the first time to Europe.  The goal was to do Oktoberfest and then head where ever we felt like.  We had arrived in Munich the last weekend in September which is the LAST weekend where a million people are in town for the festivities.  There is barely a place to walk through the crowds and the beer tents and so many with traditional lederhosen and german Bavarian dress. I remember wandering through the people, the pavilions, 30 of them in all, all different styles of beer.  Each filled with people just having fun.  I don't know that we really ran into anyone annoying at the festival.  Everyone was to busy dancing with their fellow friends and whom ever they could get to dance.

I found it funny, walking around the festival.  I really didn't even want a beer......lol  All the way around the world and didn't even get a beer at Oktoberfest!  Please, don't shoot me because I believe I understood why later.

We wondered through the streets around the festival taking pictures of the gargoyles on the buildings and just enjoying the atmosphere of a different country, a new place to discover all the unique places around our hotel area.  I remember being hyper aware.  It was like electricity walking through town.  Old building which had been blown out in WWII were there, one wall left from the old construction mixed with glass and steel to finish the modern look.  They had found ways to mend the city but not the story.  You must remember, Munich is the city where the 3rd reich took control and started the madness of the war.

As you walked around the town, you can feel the ghosts watching you.  You can see the history before you wether you are sensitive or not.  This is probably, to date, one of the more haunted places I ever have visited.  

After a long day and running around town, we found it best to just grab a pizza from the neighborhood and eat it in the room. I think the only thing we watched was literally like from National Lampoon's European Vacation....I do think it was a show about cheese but then we found MTV Europe with probably saved us that night.

Realizing that we had had a full day, we decided to turn in for the night.  I remember flashes of what I had seen going through my head. The excitement of being in Germany for the first time.  I couldn't wait for the rest of the trip.  Slowly, I drifted deep into a slumber.

Fuzzy, foggy, dark images moving around.  I see them take shape.  I see 2 people fighting and hear them talking about the cocaine and see the gun being waved.  I feel like a fly on the wall watching this happen.  I see the smaller man get hit, beaten actually and then forced at gunpoint.  I keep hearing the word "roommate" and see a house in the woods.  Brief flashes, it is now I realize I am dreaming but cannot wake myself up!  It's like surreal movie in full technicolor.  A house, a barn a shed, unpaved road.........a red vehicle.........and the words "battle at the stoney creek" "happening at home".

Suddenly I sit straight up in beds soaked with sweat and disoriented as to what had just happened.  I was looking around for the room from the dream, but I was somewhere else.  My friend woke up and heard me freaking out and turned on the light. He came over to me and asked what was going on. I finally realized were I was and whom was with me.  The dream was so real, I knew I had to write it down.  So I wrote a few quite notes in my journal and calmed down and get back to bed.  I know that that freaked my friend out. He at the time was beginning to understand these types of things and here I was having full on visions of people being attacked and taken.  All I could do is write it down.

Durring that trip, the dream came back a few times.  I know it made my friend quite uncomfortable as well.  Made him wonder if he was halfway around the world with a crazy guy.  What can you do when spirit gives you a vision like that?  All you can do is tuck it away incase you need to come back to it later.  It was really over the next few months I had to talk with MANY teachers and people about what I was dealing with.  I knew I had seen something that night as it kept coming back with more detail.  My main teacher, Pat Chalfant was such a aid in this story.

It wasn't till months later though, the dream came back very, VERY intensely.  I could talk with one of my sisters about these type of spiritual things but she was trying to learn herself. I ended up asking her if someone back there had went missing or someone had gotten onto trouble that I didn't know about.  It's funny because I do tend to know before I hear about it. She didn't have any clue about this and I remember the knot in my stomach getting tighter. I told her to call me if she thought of anything, anyone cause I knew it was tied to home.  Not home in Los Angeles, but home in Iowa.

6:00 am the next morning my phone rings.............."Sam, Adam went missing back in October".  My body almost doubled over in pain and then what could only be described as a bolt of lightening running through me.  Tears filled my eyes instantly.  I knew this was it!  Adam was the nephew of one of my closest childhood friends.  He had grown up in the same house as his grandmother and grandfather helped to raise him and his sister.  I hadn't seen him in easily 10 or 12 years.  He was like a younger brother in some ways, then I moved away from Iowa and he had moved back East to be closer to his Dad.  How come no one till that day had told me?  WILD.  I knew then and there, all of this information was from Adam.  I could then see clearly everything he was trying to show me.  The fact that I knew he had passed on and couldn't say a thing. I was halfway around the world the day he dis-appeared.  I sat there on my end wondering, just what do I do?

I contacted Pat Chalfant, a spiritualist teacher of mine at the time and told her I needed to chat in person.  She was actually happy to hear the news I had for he as well. Both of us knew that Adam had come to me for many reasons, one, because he recognized me and knew I could relay the information to his family.  Second, this was the way I could no longer deny the gifts handed to me.  After much soul searching I knew the next steps which would be anything but easy.

It was time to contact Adam's family.  I wasn't sure how so I just picked up the phone and did it. I spoke with Adam's grandmother, whom had taken care of me as well like a second mother back in my school days.  I asked her if she had time to chat and told her I didn't know if she believed in this type of stuff.  She said absolutely yes and she wanted anything regarding Adam.  I gave her all the details,  at which point I heard her go silent on the other end of the phone.  After s few seconds, her response to me was the information I gave her seemed to match what the detectives have on the case.  I told her to do what she felt appropriate and let me know.

The next day I receive a phone call form the police about the investigation.  Imagine trying to tell a policeman that you have all the details of this case that you got in a dream while at Oktoberfest in Munich.  Makes things even more interesting.  As I described in detail to the officer what I remembered and had written down, he couldn't believe the accuracy of the details of the event and I had known nothing about him even missing till only a few days prior to the phone call.  I should have never been able to describe the people involved but did with accuracy.  We sat on the phone both not knowing what to say.  Police cannot go to the courts on words of a man whom claims to be psychic.  The took all the information and before you know it, I was flying there to meet with them in person and scope the area and see if anything else sticks out.

The detective wanted to spend time with me and went out of his way to take what should have been his holiday with family and spend the entire day driving around and showing me what he knew of this all.  We got to a property which matched my description to the T. I jumped out of the car and yelled at him "Why in the F%#k have you not gotten a search warrant for here?"  Seems that the only way is to find a way is to connect my missing friend Adam  having been there (the land belongs tot he suspects grandparents with whom he lived with before and after this incident with Adam, he also drove a red car....like I said).  

I told the detective that if he didn't watch out this would happen again on this land.
2 years ago, the suspect waited on the road and stopped his ex girlfriend and dragged her into the woods and beat the crap out of her.  He only stopped when some  the kids in the woods heard her screaming so they called the sheriffs's and the sirens were heard approaching. He told the girl that he wouldn't kill her if she didn't tell anyone about the situation.  The girl never pressed charges cause he is in jail and doesn't want to get involved in that.  So at least the suspect is in jail now........for doing exactly what I said he would, on the same property!  The detective knows the truth but needs that one shred of evidence to go after the suspect.  

9 years later, we sit, trying to get onto the property, trying to find a way to close the chapter on this.  Close the door for Adam's family but hold the suspect accountable for this.  The mainstream world is starting to understand that this is real, very, very real.  The things we are able to tap into are beyond scope and measure.

One day, we will have access to the property and we will lay Adam to rest.  The family needs that. I need that.

Point being, 9 years, 9 years of wondering, 9 years of waiting for an answer, 9 years of having to face this vision over and over again.  I didn't ask for it but for some reason, I get to deal with it.

Everyday is a gift.  A gift from the universe.  We are all interconnect weather you want to believe it or not.  I didn't ask for these dreams or vision but for some reason I got them.  I had to use the information wisely but also clarified the story for the detectives.  By the way, they have had 3 other psychics come up with the same information.  Again, the courts won't recognize "psychic vision" as motivation.

I stand here, to this day and let you all know that the truth will come out.  We WILL close this chapter for the family and friends and make sure that the suspect is never in public again.  

You are never forgotten my friend, I love you and miss you and doing everything from this side of the veil to get this resolved.  One day, the truth will burn through this case like wildfire and all will be put to rest.