My World I Know

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My World I know
May 17, 2010 By Samuel Bowling

Whispering in the wind,
The world comes crashing in,
Eye connect,
The stars collide,
Cosmos of explosion,
Never knowing the truth,
Who’s really right for whom?

Two Super Novas combine,
One hell of a good time,
A new universe unfolding,

So take my hand, this time and be,
Together with me,
Though our eternity,
One more night alone,
I cannot stand!
Take this pain,
Wash it from my hands,

I must believe in you and you in me,
Forever will be,

Times come when everything has changed,
Your heart crushed,
I can feel the pain.
Playing along,
It’s all you know,
You keep buying the tickets,
Always the same show,

Let go and be,
Here with me,
Right now,
For I know,
It’ll only be for so long,
I know someday you’ll go,
But what we have is now,
Time to create our own show,

Cause when your here,
When you are near,
My life flows in motions,
To believe I can see,
A future so clear,
With you right next to me,

So let’s take another chance across the  dance floor,
Exit through the chaos,
Leave before the act is over,
Be in our time together,
Release the fear as it shows,

You are my companion,
Through destiny or fate?
Or something we choose to create,
I don’t care to know,
Just glad you’re here now,
Part of the world I know.