Me and Lady Gaga, 42 stories above Chicago that one November day

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Me and Lady Gaga, 42 stories above Chicago that one November day

Please, if you like Lady Gaga, play the video link here:  (this video does not belong to me just posting as reference)

while reading and picturing this story I wanted to share.......because it was so surreal and bizarre and yes, completely true, you don't make this up. If you hate her, then just imagine, cause you all know the song.

You never know where life will take you or what will motivate you.  Every step is one in the dance of life and learning to remember that in each step, make each one a well choreographed move.

So, many hate on the Lady Gaga but want to tell you all from 42 stories in the air above Chicago, Illinois on that November 28, 2010.  I was sitting in the office of Lloyds of London (yes, the people that insure not only the Queen of England but guess who?  That vatican and catholic church).                                                                                            

Anyway, back to I sat through and entire morning of bullshit from the lawyers from the Catholic Church trying to bully me for holding them accountable for being abused by the priest.  I was the 26th person in the file with just this one priest.  They had dealt with 20 some other wasn't like this was rocket science to any of us.

The morning was nothing but utter grotesque displays from them of how it would ruin the diocese and blah, blah, blah. It was quite intense with my lawyers and parents sitting int eh room.                                                                                    

It now is rounding 2:30 or so in the afternoon, I have been fed up with the bull shit about how I could bankrupt the catholic church and then what would they do..........I told them I needed a minute and made them all sit at the table while I pulled out my headphones and my cell phone, found Lady Gaga and tuned the volume up and listened to this song as I imagined myself dancing in the sky, 42 stories up with no one watching.....I didn't care.  This to me was my break through moment......the simple words.........Just dance, it'll be ok.................  I finished the song and staring out the window, whipped away the few tears in my eye, turned to their lawyer and said "You have a basilica in (un-discolsed town in iowa).  Give me the deed to that and I will piece sell it out on e-bay."

Their eyes looked as they thought I was of the devil!  The point of the story is......they eventually made a deal and they still have the basilica........I never could have bankrupted them..........and guess what......everything was alright and truly, it was the "energy" in that song, "it'll be ok......just dance".

I remind myself daily of just dance......even  42 stories in the air at one of the most curial times in my life........I sat there and listened..........for me.  And no one had a clue what I listened too that day until  How funny is that?

Just Dance.