Samuel Bowling

Samuel was raised in a small town of only 750 in rural Iowa, in a loving, strongly religious Catholic home, with his parents, 3 sisters and grandmother. At a very young age, Samuel had experiences with ghosts and other oddities, which were quickly discounted as an active imagination. Many thought Samuel’s love for magic tricks and illusion added to the silly coincidences and odd experiences.

As he approached his mid-teenage years, situations happened where he knew things before they happened. Many took it as simple coincidence but at the time, Samuel knew there was much more at work then just chance. There were many times in school where, without even reading the homework, he simply would know the answers.

It was at 16 when his grandmother died in a tragic car accident that one of the largest doors of understanding opened. He recognized that life after death was real when he saw his grandmother on a regular basis. She would come to visit him and let him know that she was OK, and that whenever he needed her help, she was there to walk beside him.

As his adult life progressed, Samuel read all he could about other religions and spiritual modalities, as well as paranormal studies of unexplained phenomenon. He studied the Quran and the book of Mormon while working with the Lutheran, Community, and Presbyterian churches as a youth leader. He successfully bridged the gap of understanding that it takes all paths, and all are part of God’s world. While a youth director, Samuel lived with a Wiccan high priest while studying Buddhism, which opened the door to understanding ancient rites of passage and the world of meditation.

Samuel moved to Los Angeles, CA to follow his dreams of real magic and movie making. While in Los Angeles, Samuel was connected with many spiritual teachers and well-known mediums and psychics, who told him that he couldn’t deny it anymore. He was truly gifted and able to connect with the great beyond.

Samuel took up studies with Pat Chalfant, a medium who has devoted her life to the study of life on the other side. Along the way, Samuel met James Van Praagh who recognized the gifts and offered up a weekend workshop for free to help guide him and aid in this ever-evolving process of understanding life after death and how to connect clearly with the other side.

It was when Samuel was halfway around the world in Germany that he had a life-changing dream: he witnessed a childhood friend bludgeoned and murdered. He didn’t know what to think of it at first. For the next six months the visions of that dream kept becoming more detailed, and finally he asked his family back home if they knew anything about his old friend. Samuel’s sister got goose bumps and told him that Adam had been missing since October 3rd, the same day that Samuel had the dream. After much hesitation, Samuel went to Adam’s family to relay the information from the dream. Within five days, the detective from the case contacted Samuel for an interview, wondering how he knew so much about the case since all of the visions had matched the evidence found. The next step was Samuel flying to Pennsylvania to assist in the missing persons case.

Since that case, there have been other clients whom have contacted Samuel regarding loved ones that have disappeared upwards of 20 years ago, hoping to shed some light on such haunting and unsettled situations. Every time, Samuel has come through with information to aid the family and shed light on the situation.

Now, having embraced his power, Samuel has studied with many spiritual teachers from all backgrounds, including Shamans, other Spiritual Healers and Native American Elders. Samuel embraces his gift of visions, hands-on healing and channeling for the highest and best intentions of the world we live in. His work comes from complete compassion and ultimately, unconditional love. Only through love can these gifts be properly used to aid in the growth of those who come to him. It is but through God that Samuel is grateful to spread the love and understanding to a world in need of ultimate healing